2017 Total Eclipse from W. Nebraska

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  Time      Latitude  Longitude       Latitude  Longitude    Latitude  Longitude     km     Azm  Width     Durat.

 17:46    43 03.9N 105 00.2W  42 04.0N 105 07.1W  42 33.9N 105 03.6W     55     146   109    02m27.9s
 17:48    42 50.1N 103 56.6W  41 50.1N 104 05.4W  42 20.1N 104 00.9W     56     148   110    02m29.3s
 17:50    42 35.8N 102 54.4W  41 35.9N 103 05.0W  42 05.8N 102 59.7W     57     150   110    02m30.5s
                             Further east you go the longer the eclipse is, but only by seconds.

  The overall Eclipse Map from the NASA/Goddard Eclipse Page by Fred Espanak

(Western Nebraska, north of the North Platte River, Green CenterLine)   From the Tiger Map Server Browser

This is one of the closest spots for this eclipse from N. Colo. and it's only about 10 seconds
short of the maximium duration which is 202.2 secs., which is near Hopkensville, TN (below).

          Here's where in the heavens that Total Solar Eclipse will occur.
          (According to TheSKY 4   Larger 'linked' image centered on Sun w/ R.A. & Dec.)

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