Fighting Light Pollution

.                                                                                      .Washed out Sagittarius from Light Pollution along the Front Range of Colorado                                                       . .
                                                                            Fighting Light Pollution in the Front Range                                            Nation Park Service Night Sky Team
                                                                         of Colorado to Regain the Night Sky Nov 2010                                                    Light Pollution Overlays
                                                                                          Golden, CO  LP Fighter
                                                                                              U.S. LP Measures
                                                                                            International Efforts

.                                                                         .                                          . 
                                                                              Star Party Sites vs. LP In the U.S.                                                                                     GIS maps
                                                                                   Colo_Wyo_Braska closeup                                                                                European Links - Italy
                                                                                           Central East Coast                                                                                       Save the Night - U.K.
                                                                                      New Mexico Dark Sites

  . Del Mar Fans & Lighting page on:
The Dark Side of Outdoor Lighting, Light Pollution & Solutions !!

We Live on the why light the sky?
Fight Light Pollution.....shield your lights !
And if you don't need to see out there, turn it off !!

  Think cosmic !!  May  26, 2011 Re-editted April 6, 2012