NPS  Night Sky Project
Trying to Regain the Night Sky

360* x 180* Field of View

  The purpose of this project is to record, monitor, and minimize light pollution in and around the national parks
of the United States.  When possible suggest improvements in park luminaries to even conferring with local
municipalities on how they can decrease the cost of illuminating their streets and at the same time pay strict
attention to safety issues.
 Light pollution data in the form of Total Sky Brightness and Net Light Pollution is currently being reduced and
published from a decade of field trips to about 70 National Parks, in an effort to help the parks find ways to
lessen the encroachment and minimize the impact of light pollution of the night sky. It is keystone of the parks
doctrine to maintain its original, historical state for the benefit of all that visit and future generations that should
have a right to see the parks in their natural state.
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