Yellowstone Frog Rock Night Sky vs. Total Sky Brightness
August 30, 2008

360* x 180* Field of View
   This quarter-scale, 360* x 180*, 13 second CCD image, was taken by the NPS Night Sky Team based in Ft. Collins, CO,
and displays the panorama from the Yellowstone Frog Rock.
This is a Bortle ~1.5 class site, with a limiting magnitude of ~6.5.  At aximuth 200*, altitude 20*,  on this image the planet Jupiter is discernible.
North is at the center and South is at both ends.  The only light dome visible is from a  city over the horizon and just outside thePark,  Gardner.
At the bottom of the image is the rim of Yellowstone Park itself.

   This image is a combination of Natural Light Pollution and Anthropogenic Light Pollution, also visible in this image (full scale is 13662 x 3360 pixels), are the
Milky Way,  two meteors at 358*x15*,  Andromeda galaxy M31, M33, Perseus Double Cluster, Kembels Cascade, stars to~10.5, and 2 jet trails.  Light pollution
data in the from of Total Sky Brightness and Net Light Pollution is currently being reduced and published from a decade of field trips to about 70 National Parks,
in an effort to help the parks find ways to lessen the encroachment and minimize the impact of light pollution of the night sky. It is keystone of the parks doctrine
to maintain it's orginal, historical state for the benefit of all that visit and future generations, that should have a right to see the parks in their natural state.


  Net Light Pollution from Capulin                                          Preliminary data- Not for citing!
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