Archie & Ricks'Early Birthday Party
 August 6-8, 2004

  Southwest of Morrill a small group of family & friends spent a weekend celebrating two
friends birthdays'a little bit early.          N 41* 57'11" by W 103* 59'15"
                                                   (These photos' are reduced to 33% resolution to save space)

           One of he Birthday boys                       Lots of fishin' and some birthday imbibbing

The kids enjoyed touring the                     Long Pond looking east, full of Bass, Crappie and Sunfish
pond in the paddle boats

    Everyone loved seeing the pups!!      ...and 3 Turkeys cooked in peanut oil was SUPURB!! Try It!!

It Was a little cloudy Friday night,                Several folks even enjoyed gazing through the 'scope.
but suburb Saturday.....which was great,

The cooking was great, almost everybody pitched in...The kids talked & listened....imagine that.

Family & a new friend, thanks Arch.                  Finding shade was important & fun.          Home
                                                   Sure wish we could that more often. August 10, 2004