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Hale Bopp - Another one of Dr. Dan's Incredible Schmidt Images !!.   .
                                 Dan's Hale-Bopp comet image .                          Now here's somethng you don't see very often.
                                Notice the  beautiful tails!!   The Ion tail is        An eclipse from space, notice there is  no natsy
                                blue. Dust tail is white .Taken April 6, 1997      atmoshpere blocking out the stars. Now this is
                                With a Schmnidt 8" camera.                               he way to see an eclipse....from Space.
                                                                                                              This is a Clementine image.      Enjoy 
Since around the middle of 1995 when Hale-Bopp was recovered in the New Mexico desert there
has been speculation as to just how bright this vistior might get. Astronomers were left with a '
black eye' in 1974 when they said that Kohoutek would be famously bright since it was discovered
at a distance between Jupiter and Saturn.  This will not be the case with Hale-Bopp, it is already
a Great comet. You can see it twice a day now 3/14/97. Enjoy the sight!

True  Path of Hale-Bopp.  .Here is an astro-image taken by friend,  for you all to appreciate.  Comet Hykutake from around April 1996..   .Great Current Space News
                                           Hale-Bopp true orbit (1/2 size)                                                                            Ron R. Hyukatake Image          Latest Space News

Well here's my attempt at home bis card production.
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