My first Astrophography from Pawnee Prairie Grasslands

All these images are from 'The Cactus Flats' area in the Pawnee Prairie Grasslands 14 miles east
of Ault Colorado.  Taken during the time of the Leonids Meteor Shower in 1999.

            M31 & M33 & H VII 32, Mirach, Almach                                                                                            The same area from TheSKY 5

                          Pleiades & The California Nebula in Taurus

Looking at the Nasty SkyGlow from Greeley/Denver and the Planes Landing at DIA

           A little Jupiter, Camera held up to the eyepiece of my C-14

                           The Aurora in Nov 99 from Pawnee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Galactic Home                        Jan 1, 2005    tjt