N. Wyoming Aurora Sept 8, 2000 3:00am
Story, Wyo 'Scenic Turnaround' (44* 34' 45"N  106* 52' 27"W  4946 ft.)

This is a 40 sec. exposure Kodak 400, pushed 1 time iggybacked and unguided.

The 4x6 print isn't as grainy. The constellation on the left is Ursa Major. The line at left is a plane's strobe and
probably about 1 sec per dot.   The line on the right is a car on Interstate 90 North of Buffalo, heading to Sheridan.
  Only the largest two spikes were visible with my naked eye.  The seeing limit that night was about 6.1, but the
wind was causing a lot of turbulence.  Well I made it all night Thursday-Friday(5am), to show my father and new
stepmother  & stepbrother, the moon, which really seemed to fascinate them, we couldn't see the 'Pacman Crater'
this time.
Jupiter & Saturn, which where really low for the windy conditions in N. Wyo. were not a good sight. And of course
you have to show those other standards to beginners, M31, M57, M51, M13. ....then....all alone....it happened....
I was resting my eyelids, until the moon went down and at 11:43pm I opened them to gaze north at a ~-8th mag.
metallic green meteor that went straight down into the bowl of the Big Dipper.  Chunks broke off and the trail
'paused' in the middle ????
   It cast a eerie shadow on my scope and lit up the inside of the van. The trail (broken) lasted at least 10 seconds.
I even looked away and blinked....it was still there. And was I the only one who saw this incredible sight?
    No, the sheriff deputies that stopped later around 2:30AM to ask what I was ' up to' saw something at that same
time when they were about 30 miles west near Dayton.
   They saw the ground light up, they just hadn't known what it was. Two more astronomy converts??? Is that all
you get, you ask??  NO, with that green ghost we send you, no, not a false summer sunrise, not an Iridium satellite,
but an extended, spikey AURORA, not those cheap 5 minute display that leaves you hungry for more, but a 50* glow
across the northern sky and spikes up into the bowl of the Big Dipper and yes, suitable for printing.

             Exposures were from 20 sec. to 1 min.

                                                                                       Galactic Home ......tjt