Gibson Lovers over a Chess Board Carving in Oak Chair,
Ink Drawing, using a '0000' pen, reproduced by Fred W. Morris

Drawing signed 1906, Chair unknown, meaning of inverted heart
This chair belonged to our mother's mother, the ink drawings (I have two) to our father's mother. They were willed to my parents after my grandparents passed away.  The wood is oak, very heavy and solid, the chair weighs about 25-30 lbs. The seat has been reconditioned and is a nice padded leather with very large headed 'tacks' holding it in place. The only flaw,  I can see is the one on the lower right foot where the varnish has been worn away, little effect to the underlying wood.

The ink drawing is a original '0000' black ink drawing by Fred W. Morris (1906), I've compared it with the original by Gibson and there is a definite differrence, in fact this drawing has more detail than the original by Gibson, which were so popular in that time.Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour uses this drawing as a basis for one of their logo's.

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