Orion Imagery from Keota, Prospect Ponds & Cactus Flats, Colorado
Latest, November 6, 2010

This is a piggyback chemical image using Kodak 400, in a Pentax MX SLR with a 50mm lens set at f3.5,
for 20 minutes and guided on a Losmandy CG-14. I detented gamma about 20%, and increased brightness
& contrast about 5%.  Temperature about 35% taken at 11pm, no to slight breeze. Transparency7/10, seeing 8/10.
  The Barnard Loop, Horsehead Nebula and Christmas Tree Nebula are well displayed. A short span of
high thin cirrus clouds for about 5 minutes, provided the haze filter to accentuate the brighter stars in this shot.

 I'm doing a little experiement here,  I just got a G.E. X5 15 meg. camera and I want to see what is the best
astronomical image it can take on it's own power (optically,which is 15x). Below are shots of the center of
Orion's Belt & Sword. M42 does show up in the medium-field and it's ability to take a sharp image is quite
good, but there are problems. Oct. 17, 2010

  This shot was taken in the morning@02:39:49, f/ 4.5, ISO 200, Focal length: 21.8  (4.4x), at the Prospect Ponds,
Ft. Collins.  This is the best 30 sec. shot yet.  After setting up in Shutter Priority, E.V. +2, AutoFocus-Multi On, the
camera was attached to a rock-solid Losmandy CG-11 star-tracking mount & tripod for stability.  The image has
been 'pushed' to the max. by Thumbs+, in contrast. lightness, saturation, gamma, and one 'sharpen much less'
algorithm, but orginal on colors, tint and hue.     No Photoshop!                 30% res.

Deeper Problems!

   Noticable, in this original sized image is the comatic abberation of the lens system. The chip is quite homogenous & clean (dark background,
good color  definition, sensitivity) but the camera needs a longer time exposure (30 sec.) and constant focus@infinity.   I cannot find out what
chip is in the camera, hence none of the characteristics. Qmax
  'Live view' would be magical, wireless connection to i-pad or laptop, wow, but not at this price ($135 -$175- Oct. 2010).  I like the chip !!
But that's not to say, the size  & weigh is remarkable, very light, but feels SOLID. Nice handling, good on batteries (not the best),

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tjt ......Oct. 22, 2010