b-Coma Berenices- 31 Coma B Galactic Cluster

  Last weekend (4/20/04) I was in the area of the "Realm of the Galaxies" searching around & getting
to know it better.  I went over to the North Galactic Pole, which is a surprisingly busy area....and a
quick 2* move east, is the area I was talking about.  In a line between two brighter stars in that area
b & 31  (2* 36" from  'b Coma B' and  2* from 31 Coma B).    After goading Gary into moving to that
area of the sky, where I had seen 5 galaxies in a 1/2* FOV through my C-14, (limiting magnitude ~14),
but could see a large number of gray hints, what were they?
  Even tough I didn't know the NGC #, Gary guided his giant to that area and viole' , what a view!!
In his scope I could see 10 galaxies where before I saw 5 and 'cruising' around the area produced an
unending field of island universes!
  Well, that session has been in my mind all week, so I finally just checked it out in TheSKY, with galaxies
set to show any brighter that 17th mag.  I took a screen grab...and see if you can count how many we
were viewing that night. The image is ~5 1/2* w/ Telrad for comparison.  A galaxy right in the middle of
all this action is: NGC 4889.
NGC 4889
Galaxy, close companion brightest in cluster.
Constellation Com
Dreyer Descr. PB,PME,BM,*7N
RA:13h 00m 19.4s  Dec:+27d 56' 37"
Azm:134d 55' 40"  Alt:+73d 09' 08"
Rise: 15:49  Transit: 23:40  Set: 07:35
RA:13h 00m  6.0s  Dec:+27d 58' 00"  Epoch 2000
Size (mins)  0.8 x  0.6
Position Angle 80.0
Galaxy, close companion brightest in cluster.Other ID: NGC4884
Other ID: UGC8110
Other ID: MCG5-31-77
Other ID PGC: 44715
RA:13h 00m 21.8s  Dec:+27d 57' 22"
Azm:134d 52' 39"  Alt:+73d 09' 24"
Rise: 15:49  Transit: 23:40  Set: 07:35
RA:13h 00m  8.4s&fsp; Dec:+27d 58' 45"  Epoch 2000
Size (mins)  2.9 x  1.8
Position Angle 80.0
From PGC 44708:
  Angular Distance=00d 00' 51"
  Position Angle=+189d 02'
Think cosmic,                                                          03/27/04
Tom Teters