Constellation of Cygnus

  This is a two shot of the center of the constellation Cygnus from The Carter Lake Knolls,
west of Loveland CO. Readily visible is the North American Nebula  and the Crescent Nebula.
Embedded is the full-sized image. The images have been re-aligned, using Photoshop 5.

Here us another great shot of the Crescent Nebulait taken by: 
Ray Gralak's: Crescent Nebula NGC6888 (2/3) size  and the full size (272kb) .

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Color LRGB shot of NGC 6888 (Crescent nebula) in Cygnus from my backyard
last night with first Q moon...

10 x 10 minutes luminance (unbinned)   3 x 5 minutes R,G,B (2x2 binned)

ST-8E with AO7 and CFW8. RC Optical Systems 10" f/9. Due to the position
of the guidestar and the angle of my camera I wasn't able to fit the
whole nebula on my ST-8.
-Ray Gralak

tjt       10/17/2010