Filter Choices for Kitt Peak Advanced Observering Program Aug 5-6, 1997

Supervising Astronomer - Adam BlockAdvanced Observing Program
Project Proposer - Thomas J. Teters
Observer-  James P. Teters

The preceding information concerns a formerHST amateur proposal concerning
the extragalactic group NGC 6027 on Serpens-Caput/Hercules border.
It is a group of 5/6 interacting galaxy and one may contain a red-shift anomoly.

The choice of filters shown here are taken from the HST WF&PC Instrument Handbook
Ver. 2.1May 1990. The deciding factor for selection was to gain the most coverage in at
least three bandwidths (RBG). If time and equipment allows, it would be very advantagous
to take the spectra of the 'e' component.

HST filter Choices

F439W-PCSBlue 3800-5020 Angstroms

F555W-WFSGreen 4960-5850 Angstroms

F675W-WFSRed 5850-6800 Angstroms

F791W-WFS F791W Wide band pass filter

F850LP-WFS    Long PassF850LP Long pass filter

      Images of NGC 6027

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