Fox Park 2002 WUTS Star Party
Moonset Friday night. It got to 22*F but the skies were incredible, dark & clear.
You have got to go to this Star Party if you're closer than 500 miles to Laramie, WY!!!
    The Ft. Collins/Longmont contingent.  Pete's Rig, Gary G. waving, my setup, Steve L. RV, Jim Sapp and the Moes!!
This panarama is about middle of the north 'park' looking north. The BLM has done some tree clearing up there
so the 'parks' should be a little larger & even more open than they were in 2002.  Check out the aerial linked here!!
Going home after the party was over, Mt. Jelm Observatory (right) from the Northeast
tjt    7/9/2K3