Teters Geneology Page
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From Waverly Washington in the 1880's

                      My Family Line as Far back as I can Positively Validate

G5gf:...... Henry Samuel Teter Sr.  born ca. 1723, possibly from Hesse-Cassel or Prussia. Did not make it over to America.

G4gf-  Henry Teter  Jr. b. 1765- Hesse Cassel or Brandenburg, Germany d. March 1823, Greene County, Manchester(Akron), Morgan, Ohio, United States
 Hamilton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States (Near Conewago Crk -NE of Gettysburg) - 1790, Philadelphia area ~1801 through WV to1818-1868,
to Morgan Co., Ohio  (Henry Teter Jr., Manchester Twp, Dated 20 Feb 1823- Found in Will Book 0  Pg. 7 by the Morgan Co. Chapter OGS, 1989, pg. 60)
            The $1 Ill Will: Township 7,  Range10, NE1/4 Section 3, Morgan Cty, Sharon Township - Owned by Central Ohio Coal Co. Was in the Census: 1820.
and Noble and Morgan counties, Ohio; descendants to Illinois and points west before the Civil War.
    +Rosanna(h) Ford- wife  Married  Marriage 1 Rosanna  B: 1760,1768 Greene County, PA D: ?1823 in Manchester Twp.,Morgan Co., Ohio,USA IDNO: 9mfffmfff  ID: I22)
         Marriages in Morgan County,Ohio Vol. A, 1819-1841: ~1768  Death: ?1823? in Manchester Twp.,Morgan Co., Ohio,USA IDNO: 9mfffmfff  ID: I22)

G3gf.... Jacob Teter- b. 1791(or 5) (Greene Cty, Bedford, Penn), went to Des Moines Township, Van Buren County, Iowa, in 1849 and died there in 1850.
                                Census: 1820 -1840- Township 7,  Range10, NE1/4 Section 3, Morgan Cty, Sharon Township, OH - Owned by Central Ohio Coal Co.
                        +Sarah Eunice Pickenpaugh was born Nov 26,1796 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.     Married 1815 in PA.
                           she went back to Guernsey Co., OH, and was still living there in 1879, she died 1880 in Sharon Township, Noble County, OH.
                         Sarah Eunice Pickenpaugh  was the daughter of:
                                                                   Jacob Pickenpaugh was born 21 NOV 1775 in Frederick County, Maryland, and died  BEF MAY 1832 in Sharon Township, Noble County, Ohio.
                                                                   Mary Tidd was born 26 DEC 1773 in Greene County, Pennsylvania, and died 14 AUG 1817 in Greene County, Pennsylvania.
                                                                                Children :
                                                                                       i.Sarah Pickenpaugh was born 1796 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania, and died 1880 in Sharon Township, Noble County, Ohio.
                                                                                            +Jacob Teter 1815. He was born 1795 in Pennsylvania, and died 1850 in Van Buren County, Iowa.
                                                                                       ii.Keziah Pickenpaugh was born 1799 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
                                                                                       iii.Peter Pickenpaugh was born 1801 in . He married Jane Phillips. She was born 1810 in Ohio.
                                                                                             + Margaret. She was born 1820 in Pennsylvania.
                                                                                       iv.John Pickenpaugh was born 1803 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
                                                                                        v.Barbara Pickenpaugh was born 1805 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
                                                                                       vi.Ruth Pickenpaugh was born 1807 in Dunkard Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.

Children:    JT & SP ::        George Teter,      b. 1791 in PA     Died 1850
                                         Michael Teter,     b. 1793 in PA
                                         Margaret Teter,   b. in 1797
                                         John Teter,          b. 1798 in PA
                                         Catherine Teter   b. 1799 in Greene Cty., PA  She married
                                                +? Maynz
                                        Dr. Henry, Teter Jr.,  1801 in Lancaster, PA, Married on 24 Apr 1823  by Geo. Waddell  to   (Midname_inconsistency- Samuel??)
                                                +Catharine Schwank (1802- 1859) by Geo. Waddell Apr. 23 or 24,1823 in Morgan Cty, OH   Died: Apr. 13, 1879 in IA.
                                                                        Samuel T Teter   b. May 5, 1805  Greene CO., PA and died  Apr 13,1879 in Coon Rids, Guthrie, IA. Married 1824
                                                                                 + Mary Ann Kuntz 1806-1883 ('Mary Ann'- from 1826 grantee land deed- Morgan Cty. Vol.B. p.388)
                                                                                     (Her parents are believed to be Michael Kuntz and Mary Kreamer, buried in the Kuntz Cemetery, Morgan County, Ohio.)
                                                                                     Samuel and his wife Mary Ann Kuntz, based on the 1850 census, Morgan County,  Ohio.
                                                                         George Washington Teter  b. April 19, 1830 in Noble Cty., OH. d. Jan 19, 1905  Buried Bailey Cem.,Stockport,
                                                                         Morgan Cty, OH ; Comp. H,17th Reg. Ohio Volunteers Infantry, Civil War.
                                                                                 + Lucinda A. Henery  b. 1839  d. 1919  Buried@ Bailey Ceme, Stockport, Morgan Cty, OH
                                                                          John  H. Teter  1832 in OH.  - November 23, 1863 (31) GA, USA (Died in Civil War at The Battle Of Chickamauga,O.V.I. 17th Reg. Civil War)
                                                                          Philip Teter (1835 - 1843)
                                                                          William Teter (1837-1843)  Morgan Cty., OH
                                                                           Betsy Teter  (1839-1890)   Morgan Cty., OH
                                                                          Stout Rose Ann Teter (1841)    Morgan Cty., OH
                                                                                    +Seal  - -,
                                                                          William L. Teter (1843 -1911)    Morgan Cty., OH
                                                                          Philip Teter  (1845-1928)    Morgan Cty., OH
                                                                          Katherine Teter  (b. 1847)   Morgan Cty., OH
                                                                                    +James C. Hughes  - -
                                                   Marriage 2:      ++:  Sarah Rounzoun b. 1831 (*from gene.-Roger Teters)  Married by John White, JP Morgan Cty. , OH
                                                                                  Married:  MAR 1, 1860 in Morgan Co.,Ohio,USA....by John White, Justice of the Peace, Morgan Co., Ohio.
                                                                                 Children:   James S. Teter (b.1861) in OH
                                                                                                  Savina Loviina Teter (b.1863) in OH
                                                                                                  Clara Teters (b.1865) in OH
                                                                                                  Henerietta Teter (b.1866) in OH
                                                                                                  Susanna Teter ( b: 1868) in OH
                                                                                                  Harry M. Teter (b. 1870) in OH
                                                                                                  Nellie Teter (b.1872) in OH

                                                                        i David Teter was born 1816 in Pennsylvania. (June 1,1850 Census Van Buren, Iowa- 34 yrs old) Owned Farm worth $800.
                                                                          + Angelene Lang was born 1816 in Pennsylvania.  Died. Before 1880 (June 1, 1850 Census Van Buren, Iowa- 34 yrs old)
                                                                                      1. James M Teter - 1831-1915             (James Teeters, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio 1870 20 years old)
                                                                                              +Ester A Shook - 1844
                                                                                      2.Wesley Teter was born ABT 1842 in Morgan Cty., Ohio.  D. Mar 19, 1909  Payne Cty., OK Buried Perkins Cem
                                                                                      3.William Teter was born ABT 1844 in Ohio.
                                                                                      4.Lowell Teter was born ABT 1847 in Ohio. He married Mary. She was born ABT 1852 in Missouri.
                                                                                      5.Caroline Teter was born ABT 1851 in Iowa.
                                                                                      6. Susanna Teter was born ABT 1855 in Van Buren, Iowa.  (1860 Census)

                                                                            ii.Mary Teter was born  AUG 25,1818 in Pennsylvania, and died 10 JAN 1883. She married
                                                                                +Henry T. Gorrell 2 OCT 1838 in Morgan County, Ohio. He was born MAY 9, 1821 in Maryland, and died 28 NOV 1863 in Lawson Army Hospital, St. Louis, MO
                                                                           iii.Washington Teter was born 1820 in Morgan County, Ohio, and died 25 APR 1902 in Jackson County, Iowa. He married
                                                                                 + Tacy Sutton B. MAR 4, 1841(also Mar 22, 1841) in Morgan County, Ohio, daughter of James Sutton and Martha Thompson. She was born 25 NOV 1821 in
                                                                                Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and died 15 OCT 1891 in Farmers Creek Township, Jackson County, Iowa.
                                                                                        Children:       James S. TETER b: 21 APR 1843
                                                                                                             Jacob TETER b: 12 MAR 1846:: Has Children
                                                                                                             Martha Jane TETER b: 7 FEB 1849  :   Has Children
                                                                                                             Sarah Ella TETER b: 1851  ::   Has No Children
                                                                                                             Susan A. TETER b: 19 SEP 1860 ::   Has No Children
                                                                                                             William S.TETER b: 10 AUG 1862 ::  Has Children
                                                                                                                 ++Elizabeth Douglas Dupuy 14 JUN 1894 in Maquoketa, Jackson County, Iowa. She died 25 AUG 1908.

   G2gf....    iv. John Teter  Born 2 MAY 1823 in Ohio, and died 6 APR 1895 in Washington. He married
                       + Amanda Wilson Born Aug.1826 in Ohio,  M. 27 MAR 1845 in Morgan County, Ohio. Daughter of Mahlon Wilson, and died AFT 29 JAN 1902.
                             1. Archabald Teter (Teeters)
                               v. Sarah Teter was born ABT 1830 in Ohio, and died 20 JAN 1901 in Jackson Twp, Guthrie County, Iowa. She married
                                  +Lewis Williams  Born 1822 in Ohio, M. 30 MAR 1847 in Morgan County, Ohio, and died 31 JAN 1895.
                              vi. Jacob Teter b: 1835 in OH. (?) need references.


G2gf- John Teters (May 2,1823-April 6,1895 "Let our fathers will be done"), added 's', thereafter, because of the  feud from Jacob's
                                (Feb. 20, 1823) $1 will. Sex: M Birth: 02 MAY 1823 in Manchaster, Morgan Co., OH. Burial: Spangle Cemt.,
                                Sec. A Death: 06 APR 1895 in Spokane Co., WA.
 +Amanda Wilson (August 1826 -  )Ohio, USA, M. 27 MAR 1845 in Morgan Cty, Ohio., Father- Mahlon Wilson (1793 -  ), Mother. Elizabeth Eveland (1798-1876)
 i. Burr Benjamin Teters -Born FEB 1846 in OH., and died 08 FEB 1922 in Buxton Precint, Coos Co., OR.. He was buried in Fairview Cemt.. He married
                  +  Melinda Ellen ? Married 1872. She was born 17 DEC 1853 in MO., and died 22 MAY 1939 in Coos Co, OR.. She was buried in Fairview Cemt..
  i. Lawrence Edwin Teters () was born AUG 1874 in CA., and died 08 APR 1951 in Coos Co., OR.. He married
      +Nell ?. She was born ABT 1880 in IN..
    i.Elizabeth Teters was born ABT 1919 in OR.
    ii. Amanda S.Teters was born DEC 1875 in OR., and died 1954. She married Herbert Johnson 1901. He was born ABT 1870 in CA., and died 1942.
  iii. Peter Frank Teters was born JUN 1881 in OR., and died 06 NOV 1941 in Coos Co., OR..
  iv. John W. Teters was born 1880 in OR..
  v. Nancy R. Teters was born ABT 1878 in OR..
Ggf-  Mahlon Stacy Teters (1852 Davis, Iowa- 1922 Spokane, WA),
 +Sarah Jane Eslick - 1853-1920  Spokane, Washington
               i.Oma Teters was born MAR 1878 in OR.. She married ? Rainville.
   ii.Lauretta "Rettie" Teters was born JAN 1881 in OR.
              iii.Clyde J. Teters (Mahlon Stacy Teters4, John Teters3, Jacob Teter2, Henry Samuel Teter Jr.1) was born JAN 1883 in WA. He married
     +Alpha M. ?. She was born ABT 1895 in MT.
          Children of Clyde J. Teters and Alpha M. ? are:
     1.Ralph Mahlon Teters was born ABT 1925 in MT., died 1996 Married Betty
     2.Clyde WashingtonTeters was born ABT 1927 in MT.
     3.Living Teters
  iv.Percy Eslick Teters was born 03 FEB 1896 in Waverly, WA.,died at the farm S of Powell, WY in APR 1971.  Lived in Billings, Yellowstone Co., MT..
        + Gudrun Trusedell (adopted by Pauline Trusedell)
   1.James P. Teters was born  Nov. 27,1926 in MT. (only child)
  v.Ethel Teters was born ABT 1879 in OR., and died 1964. She married Harold Foex 26 SEP 1900 in Spokane Co., Washington.
              vi.Mary R. Teters was born 1882 in OR.
                             (M. Rheta Jacobson: b. 1881)

gf-     Percy Mahlon Teters( 1896-1973), have dates
 +Gudrun Truesdall   - 1 Son James P.

Morgan County, Ohio Deed Volume B Pg. 388
Samuel Teters & Mary Ann Teters, his wife, of Morgan Co., Ohio to Henry Teters of Morgan Co., Ohio, for $65.00,
the northeast quarter of section 3, township 7, range 10, being a tract that was purchased by Henry Teters in his life,
and at his death, the west half of said quarter was willed to the said Samuel Teters. Dated 13 Nov 1826.
Witnesses: Caleb J. Sears, John Sears, J.Peace- Received for record 3 Apr 1827. Recorded 12 Jul 1827.

     Child: Roseanna Mahon b. ~1821   Witnesses: Daniel Patty, Jonothan Rex, Philip Swank probated??
The granddaughter Roseanna Mahon born about 1821 may be the child of a deceased Teter daughter who married a Mahon.
Genealogical Extracts from Naturalization Records Morgan County, Ohio by the Morgan Co. Chapter OGS, 1982
does not list Henry "Samuel" Teaters/Teeters/Teters, etc. Henry Teters Sr.  ????
 Marriages in Morgan County, Ohio Vol. A, 1819-1841, by the Morgan Co. Chapter OGS, 1983, pg. 100:
*Teters, Henry & Catharine Schwank by Geo. Waddell 24 Apr 1823   <-------(?Son of Henry and Rosanna?)
*Tetors, Samuel & Mary Ann Kuntz by Andrew Wharton, JP 15 Aug 1824
*Teter, Mary & Henry Gorrell 2 Oct 1838?
Teter, Elizabeth & John Stought 19 May 1839
*Teters, Henry & Sally Loretta Nesselroad (b.1818) by Wm. Parrish 2 Jan 1840   <----- (?Son of Jacob Teter and Sarah Pickenpaugh?)
Teeters, Archibald & Sarah Ann Taylor 13 Aug 1840
*Teters, Rosana & George Nesselroad 25 Sep 1840
*Teater, Washington & Tacy Sutton by Sam'l D. Jones, MG 4 Mar 1841
                                          "*" Secondary reference on-hand

From Lora R.:
John's Parents were both from Pennnsylvania according to:   1880 US Census     June 3, 1880   Harrisburg, Linn, Oregon, USA,
John Teters, white, male age 57, married, farmer, can read & write, born in Ohio, father and mother born in Pennsylvania.

John Teters-         b. in early 1824, Ohio  and his wife
Amanda Wilson-   b. 1826,  Ohio

                           Children of John/Amanda
Burr Benjamin      b: 1846 in Ohio         d: 1922  buried in Fairview, OR .---he was not a teatotaler and the Morman's 'cured' him!

 The family moved from Ohio to Iowa between these years.  The $1 Will Feud !!

Sarah E.                b: 1848 in Iowa      Buried in Spokane, WA   (These are Mahlon's sisters & brothers)
Jacob                    b: 1849 in Iowa          d: 1925
Mahlon Stacy       b: 1852                      d: 1922        My direct descendent,  Sara (wife dies early 1930's) they are buried in Spokane but
                                                                               Sarah doesn't have a marker.  Sarah (Mahlon's wife) from Spokane- visited Percy, Gudrun
                                                                               Johanna (Elison) Trusdell & (son) James P. in Billings in the early 1930's for a few years.
Amanda Jane        b: 1854 in Iowa          d: 1911?
Mary A.               b: ~1855 Iowa            d.
Julia Ann              b: 1857                      d: 1897  buried in the Spangle Cemetery near father John, brother Jacob & sister Martha Agnes.
At least one son!!

William H.              b: May 1859                (Month from age in census, 9/12 on July 26, 1860)
George Washington b: 1864 in Iowa    (not in 1860 census)
Barbara E.              b: 1867 in Oregon
Martha Agnes         b: 1869                    d: 1903

Info from 9 Census,    from 1850 - 1920 (State & Territorial)
Married Dec. 3, 1876   Linn County, OR 
  Mahlon Stacy Teters                                                         Sarah Jane Eslick  (parents Samuel Eslick & Mary Katherine Koger, born in Arkansas)
Born 03/10/1852 near Bloomsfield, Iowa,                                                  Born  08/30/1857 Linn County, Oregon
Died 09/22/1922 Spokane, Washington.                                                     Died   01/21/1936 Spokane, Washington  *Sarah needs a grave marker (01/18/2008)*

                                                                                  Their Six? Children

1) Naomi ((Oma)Teters Rainville , Born 3/12/1878 in Linn County, OR  & married: Dr. Samuel Rainville in Spokane 1899, and lived in Crosby, North Dakota,
                   children Helen & Regina.  Died 3/15/1962  (1900 WA census)- Oma  Teters Rainville, daughter, white, female, born March 1878, age 22, married,
                   married 1 yr, born in Oregon, father born in Iowa, mother born in Oregon
                                                                                                               need more info!!
2) Helen never married, was a social worker who died at age 89 in San Diego.  Her ashes were scattered in the ocean off the coast of San Diego per her wishes,
by her only nephew, Steve Kennedy    (LoraR.)

4) Ethel Teters, Born 6/07/1879 in Linn County, OR.  Married Emile "Jack" Foex  Died: 9/11/1964   Met in Wyoming once (JPT told-2010)
Son Harold (MD) & Daughter  Helen (RN) married at Hazard (MD).

5) Lauretta Teters Born 1/21/1881 in Linn County, OR married Charles Jacobson  Died: 1916   (Eslick Family History) names/date problems?
5a)  Mary R Teters, born ~1883, age 5, female,white,single,born in Oregon.
Other info about Mary: (Mary Lauretta  b: January 21, 1882 in Linn Co, OR)

6)  Rettie Teters, daughter, white, female, born January 1881, age 19, single, born in Oregon, father born in Iowa, mother born in Oregon (1900 WA census)
7)  Clyde Jefferson Teters, Born January 19, 1883 born in Oregon  (1887 WA census) at Waverly, Spokane, WA married Alpha Thompson,  Died 7/19/1956
      (1900 WA census)  farmer at Ft. Benton, Mont. (Geraldine-grain elevators) for years, then came to  Billings, MT worked at GW Sugar, then built factory
      at Hardin.  Clyde was a  high steel man, offered a job at Empire State building construction above 30th floor, didn't like the east and so didn't go back.
     Then went to Hardin, MT built the factory and then worked for Holly Sugar until WWII broke out and then moved to Portland, and worked in the ship yards,
     his wife was Alpha (2nd wife?).                        (?He family was Rose had 3 kids- ?)

His son: Cldye(Clydie) Teters Jr. -  b.1928 lives in North Orange Branch N. Jersey at Ft. Monmouth (make field manuals for US Army equipment),

Ralph - ???
Jerry- died young- mental problem, effected Ralph (brother) who took care of him.
Beatrice- sister
8)  Floyd Teters- b. Aug/Sep 1894 at Waverly, dies same year.
9)  Percy Teters, born February 2/03/1896, born in Washington, father born in Iowa, mother born in Oregon  Wife: Gudrun Truesdal.

                                             ..                                                              ..
                          Regina Rainville Kennedy 1912          Dr. Samuel Rainville, Helen Rainville, Patrick Kennedy, Steve Kennedy ~1940
                                  She had two  sons   Patrick & Steve                    (L.R. note: Her nephew, Steve Kennedy, is the only living progeny of Naomi's family.
                                                                                                                            His mother, Regina, married and had 2 sons: Patrick & Steve.)
  Married 12-14-1917 Jamestown, N. Dakota to 
 Adolph Christopher (AC) Malmin                                                               Mina Anderson
Born 5-31-1885 McCallsburg, Iowa;                                                                         Born  01/29/1887   Kongsvinger, Norway
Died 12-16-1926 Billings, Montana                                                                          Died  04/02/1962  Mitchell, Nebraska
father of Iris & Nadine Malmin (my mother).                                              Arrived  in NY, NY on a ship from the Allen Lines on 03/01/1892
He died shortly after Nadine's birth from TB. So young, so strong...

Sister of Mahlon S
Ethel Elsie (Teters) Foex died in 1964
Married Harold Emile Foex in Spokane on Sept 26, 1900 Two children: Harold (MD) and Helen (RN),
married at Hazard (MD), they had two kids. Met in Wyoming once (JPT told).
Harold Emile, was the Superintendent of the Dominion Sugar Company in Chatham, Ontario,
Canada died tragically on Aug 3, 1929 from internal injuries received at work 6 days earlier
when caught between a staunchion and a bucket from an overhead crane.  (From Lora R. 09/15/2K9)

Guy Signor married a Teters, he was Cowboy in Wyoming.
Guy's parents: Eli Alonzo Signor and Mary Ellen Eslick Signor
are all buried at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Lander, Wyoming.

Eli Alonzo Signor          b: 22 Oct 1851           d: 04 Sep 1928
Mary Eslick Signor       b: 24 May 1859!         d: 10 Dec 1937
Guy A Signor                 b: 18 Mar 1878           d: 05 Oct 1928

.                                                 .
Percy Eslick Teters                                                                        Karen Pauline Truesdel
Gudrun Joanna (Eliason) Truesdel Teters (1970)           (Gudrun's adoptive Mother)
Married: 12/26/1925  Hysham, Montana

PET- Born:02/03/1896 Waverly, Washington    Died: 04/28/1971 Powell, Wyoming (at the farm)
GJT- Born:07/19/1908 Bozeman, Montana      Died: 1988    Billing, Montana

From Lora R 03/11/2K9: Geneologist:  I confirmed Percy's Mat. Great Grandfather?  His name was Mahlon Wilson.  I wrote to Missouri
and got a copy of his probate papers and it listed his children, one being Amanda Teters (wife of John Teters) in Washington.  I had been
going through the census records and found his name near the Teters in several censuses and the first name was a dead give away.
Mom & Dad around 1980Mom & Dad, Mitchell, NE in ~1970
Nadine Dawn 'Patrica' (Malmin) Teters   &   James Percy Teters
Born 10/06/1925                                              Born 11/27/1926
                              Married: 03/03/1951
Died  11/1989                                                   Living in Virginia (09/05/11)

(Children- Tom(6/1952), Rick(11/1954), Bob(11/1956), Kris(11/1958))
         Ed's daughter  Nona1972 (only 1st cousin) 
  Aunt Iris (Malmin) Anderson,  UncleEd Anderson           Nona is married to Mickie they have a daughter, in Arizon   JimT  ~1985   Ed @ Circle 7 Ranch, Sheperd, MT

                           Other prominent Teters Families in Early American History

Early emmigrant from Germany to America that I can find is George Teter (father) , is this Johann Hans Michael Dieter ?
      Have discovered he is not in my line.

George received a  200 acre land grant from the George II in 1736
There also seems to be a George Teter, Jr.,  he recieved 10 land grants from the first Govenor of Virginia, Beverly Randolph (male) , see below:

You have to Sign up to use the Library of Virginia, but it's worth the time:

Here are the Library of Virginia records for the land grants given to George Teter:  11 Land Grants from 1736 - 1835

George Teter (father)
1736:  200 acres on the south side the Robinson River in the Little Fork of the same adjoining Roger Quarles, Michael Cooke  - This has to be the George, Sr.

Call Number  40867
Title  Teter family genealogical notes
Publication  Compiled in 1939
Material  1 leaf.
Summary  Includes obituary of Minervia Teter Fairley (1849-1926) of Kansas and West Virginia, containing genealogical information on the Teter family.
Format  Photocopies.
Subject - Personal  Link: Fairley, Minervia Teter, 1849-1926.
Fairley family.
Teter family.
Genre/Form  Link: Genealogies -- Kansas.
Genealogies -- West Virginia.
Series  Genealogical notes collection; 40867.
holdings (1)  All items
System Number  001527759

George Teter (son)
Teter, George
County: Fincastle County
Note  Company commander: Capt. William Campbell.
Note  Recorded on: p. 250.
Note  Listed in index: p. vii.
Other Format  Available on microfilm (Miscellaneous Reel 78, last item).
Photostat copy also available.

Biog./Hist. Note  Dunmore’ War was a conflict between the Colony of Virginia and the Native Americans of the Ohio Valley. Following increased raids
and attacks on frontiersmen in this region, the Royal Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore, organized a large force of militia and marched to Fort Pitt
arriving at the end of August 1774. Dunmore also ordered Colonel Andrew Lewis, commander of the southwestern Virginia militia, to raise an army in t
he south and meet Dunmore’s force along the Ohio River. Lewis formed militia companies from Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpeper, Dunmore,
Fincastle, and Kentucky counties. After Colonel Lewis’ victory at the Battle of Point Pleasant, Dunmore successfully negotiated a peace treaty with the
Delaware, Mingo, and Shawnee chiefs that prevented them from settling or hunting south of the Ohio River.
Related Work  Part of the index to the names of Virginia citizens or soldiers from the counties of Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpeper, and Fincastle
who were compensated in 1775 for supplies and service during Dunmore’s Expedition in 1774. This index covers individuals from the counties of Augusta,
Bedford, Botetourt, and Fincastle only. These records are now part of the Virginia Colonial Government records group (RG#1) and are housed in the Archives
at the Library of Virginia.

George (son) Land grants:All from the Virginia State Land Office
09 June 1791       Randolph County.  Description: 93 acres on the waters of Dry Fork:      From the Gov. Beverly Randolph   This must be the son of George.
16 June 1792       Pendleton County. Description: 85 acres on a west branch of the north fork of the south branch of Potomack called the Rockey Run.
18 June 1792       Pendleton County.  Description: 140 acres on the west branch of the north fork of the south branch of Potowmack called the Lick Run on the south side of the Timber Hills.
07 March 1795    Pendleton County.  Description: 35 acres on the east side of his former land on both sides of the north fork of the south branch of Potomack.
17 April 1798       Pendleton County. Description: 80 acres on the west side of the north fork and adjoining on the west side of his former land including the mouth of Redmans Gap.
06 May 1800       Pendleton County.  Description: 25 acres on the Timber Ridge on the waters of Ebermans and Hedricks Runs adjoining on the
                                                                                      southeast side of his former land and extending to the top of the River Hill.

26 October 1819  Pendleton County. Description: 185 acres adjoining his former land on Timber Hill on the north and west side.
26 October 1819  Randolph County. Description: 100 acres on the east side of Teters Cunningham survey on the Dry Fork of Cheat River.
25 August 1835    Randolph County. Description: 500 acres on waters of the Laurel Fork of Cheat River.
27 August 1835    Randolph County.  Description: 500 acres on west of the Rich Mountain joining Jo. Walker.
                    (slight assumption here that George with 1736 land grant, did not serve in Dunmore's War (1774), and that it was the son)  ((21+38=59yrs))

Other land grants:
Jacob Teters (1798),  Jacob Teters Jr. (1837, 1841),  Jacob Teters. Sr. (1838),  Johnathan Teter (1838),  Joseph Teters (1822, 1831),
Laban Tete (1842), Noah, Teter (18??).... Paul Teter (1795, 1818), Phillip Teter (1792, 1795), Rebeckah Teter (1792)...........etc.

Noah Teter: Rank: Private (most likely).
Company: ?........?.  References to Volume 20 usually refer to Virginia Confederate militia units. Some references, however,
include those pre-Civil War Virginia militia units that responded, in 1859, to John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia.

Regiment: 41st Militia (Infantry).
Other Format  Available on microfilm. Confederate rosters, v. 1-20, reel 1-10.
Biog./Hist. Note: On March 13, 1884, the General Assembly passed an act directing the adjutant general to compile a roster of all those who served from Virginia in the
Confederate armed forces. The project did not begin, however, until Congress’ passage of an act in 1903 providing for the assembling of muster rolls for all the Confederate
states and Virginia’s subsequent creation of the Office of the Secretary of Virginia Military Records in 1904. The work of the Secretary of Virginia Military Records of
assembling muster rolls and other documents related to Virginians in the Civil War was continued by the Department of Confederate Military Records which was formed
by an act of the General Assemply on March 12, 1912. Major Robert W. Hunter served as Secretary of Virginia Military Records from 1904 until 1910. Hunter was replaced
by Colonel Joseph V. Bidgood who served as Secretary of Virginia Military Records and later Secretary of the Department of Confederate Military Records. In 1918,
the General Assembly passed an act abolishing the Department of Confederate Military Records and transferred the department’s records to the Library of Virginia.
Note  The Confederate Rosters are now part of the Virginia Dept. of Military Affairs record group (RG# 46) housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

There is also a Samuel Teter, of which I have no link to our family? -- Found the link, below !!

Here is an excellent page with early information about:  Samuel Teter of Pennsylvania and Ohio  & George Teater of Virginia and Kentucky

(I could go on and on, and even find these on a map and make layers on ArcView 9.3, but this is a past time and I have some other things to do, enjoy. TomT)

From: Sue Draper on Jul 15, 2010 10:32am MyFamily.com
Good to see the documents you've collected. I am very fond of the Library of Virgina site. As I have it sorted out,
George Teter in the 1736 land grant on the Robinson River is the husband of Maria Margaretha Luttman, from Schwaigern, Wuerttemberg,
father of the Teters who married Henkels and lived in Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

George Teter serving under William Campbell in Fincastle County was the husband of Sarah (Pearis?) who later lived in Garrard County,
Kentucky where he died in 1815. I believe these are two unrelated Teter family lines, as our YDNA results so far indicate.

          Here's a page I put together of the Teters Famliy Cenuses from 1850 -1920,  hope this helps anyone following the tree.

NOT Related:  "I can find NO connection of your line to QUIRINUS's line."  09/02/2011 Thanks Roger T. !!

 1 - Quirinus Dieter,  Wife: Agnes Bader

 2 - Michael Dieter  ~1583 - 1636, Wife: Katherina Norte

 3 - Michael Dieter Oct 1613 - June 8, 1693  Wife:  Magdelna Schmidt  maybe 1608 - Sep 25, 1668

 4 - Wolfgang Dieter Oct. 7, 1646 - Jan 10, 1698  Wife:  Anna Catherina Zimmerman  Jan 29, 1643

 5- Johann Hans Michael Dieter - March 26, 1671 - May 2, 1734 Germany, Wfie - Maria Catherine Frey(er?) 1672 - 1723
From Schwaigern  became mayor in the middle of 1724, wills on 1716 & 1724


Near the bottom of this page - THE TEETER/DIETER FAMILY, is  a very nice history written by  the Greer-Homberg Family,
with some Teter I've not heard of before. Like:

George Dieter (now spelling his last name "Teter" in English style) signed a 1739 petition for a road.
That George Teter's signature matches the hand of the "George Dieter" of the ship Allen (above).
....and a short lists of George's signature on legal papers.

                                      Not positive about these !! (Sept 2, 2010)

 George Teter 1699-1744  from Germany to Penns.

   There is a Family Record Holy Bible  Philadelphia - John Adams for Mathew Carey -1803,  provided by Rev. Dr. Frank McDonald Spindler,
descendant of Charity Teter McDonald.  This appears to be where the "a" was dropped in the family name. :Embedded text within image:

Samuel Teater - Jan 1735,
Mary Teter -  Jan. 5, 1748 (wife(?Doddridge?))
        Children of Samuel/Mary
Samuel Teter         August 26, 1770              (some references same Teator)
Susannah Teater-   April 20, 1773
George Teter-        Sept. 26, 1775
John Teater-          Jan 11, 1777               Info from the Bible above, not sure about direct connection to my family.
Charity Teter-        Nov 21, 1779
Mary Teters-         June 9 1782
Daniel Teter -        April 11, 1787

George Teter 1739 -1798-  (Obequeon)
Captain Kern’s Company  From the muster roll of the 1st Battalion of Associates in the County of Northampton,
& the Province of Pennsylvania, which is composed part of the Flying Camp of Ten Thousand Men,
Commanded by Col. Hart and in Capt. Nicolas Kern’s Company, August 6th, An: 1776. Amboy
George Dieter -  July 9, 1776 a Private one of:  (notice the ‘e’ at the end of his first name).
1 Capt, 2 Luet.\s. , 1 Ensign, 4 Sargents, 4 Corporals, 1 Drummer, 1 Fifer, & 44 Privates.
The above is a true copy of the original Muster Roll in my hands.  (Signed)  Jona. B. Smith.

 Privacy:  If you are a Teters/Teter geneologist and wish to contact Lora R., make your request and I will send your contact info to her.
Trading Pictures:  Also, Rose & I do have some higher resolution images of these published and would consider trading for any others of the family.

Copy of the The Name & Family of the Teters or Teeter, from the Media Research Bureau, some 11 pages w/ references
Two copies of the Eslick  - Pierce Family History, some 15 pages to 1850, compiled by Lydia Eslick Guthrie, Lehigh Iowa 1931-1932
Eslick Family Fracis Eslick~1720 to Laura N. Eslick b Oct. 1900 Tenn,  to Archie Edwin d.1960, with Kentucky Land Warrant info (2), 8 pages. w/tree

The Geneology of Mauritz Malmin and wife, Karen Lura and their Decendents, by Chester O. Haugen Florida, April 1, 1977
Two copies Malmin/Lutz Reunion in McCallsburg, Iowa, May 1983, with pictures and names from Paul (sent to Iris (Malmin) Anderson).

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