Colo_Wyo_Braska Star Party Sites with Light Pollution Gradients, Counties, Zip Codes & Roads
Of course the pixilated blue red & yellow areas are the light polluted areas around cities . Denver is at the bottom
Cheyenne in the middle, Laramie at it's left. The star party sites are labeled, look for a RED "x" . Interstates are black, State roads are brown.  Counties are outlined and labeled, while subtile greys represent zip code areas.
The resolution of the light pollution pixels is approximately 2.5 miles/pixel.  And, as per the request of one of my star
party friends, roads are labeled , but only at the 'multi-county' level in order to reduce clutter.  The same holds true for rivers & streams.  In ArcGIS, Latitude, longitude and zenithal limiting magnitude can be seen for each S.P. site, by using the Information Tool . Elevations were not available in the database I used, but should be added in the future to improve the accuracy of predicted Z.L.M. when using Walker's Law. In nonoLamberts &  'r' in meters , I = 11300000 x population x r^-2.5.   Steve Albers (L.A.S.) Page on Light Pollution, Observing site data, Astronomical Seeing This would seem be a good tool for a lighting engineer to examine excessive light polluted areas, with an eye to locating astronomical observatories.  More in that vein later.

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