Ikeya-Zhang Comet from N. Colorado

(03/09/02), 7:33pm MDT                       03/30/02, 7:34pm MDT
The image on the left is a combination of two 17 sec. exposures using a ST-6 CCD camera
through a Stellarvue 80mm refractor, tweaked with CCDops 5.21 and Photshop5.5.
  The comet,then in Pisces, was only up about an hour after twilight, so I took as many
shots as I could, but none of them higher than about 15* above the horizon.  Notice the
split in the tail. The color is false and displays differences in luminosity. The F.O.V. on
these images is ~1* x 45'
This image on the right is next to Mirach (Mag 2.0)  SAO 54477 (mag 9.5) & NGC 404 which
is just visible through the comets' tail, at least in the original image.
The comets' tail seems to have diminished somewhat and the coma has become a bit more
diffuse. This is a 10 sec. ST-6 exposure through a Stellarvue 80mm.
  This image, taken from my front yard, since the sky was spotty and it didn't seem
prudent to drive out and back the 82 miles to Cactus Flats for a 1 hour CCD session. I
only had time to take about 10 exposures before the comet and Mirach disappeared behind
a cloud bank. CCDOps5.3

       Thursday April 4, about 7:40 pm  I-Z next to M32/31    Mag. ~3.8
  This 18 minute exposure of 800 Portra through a 80mm Stellarvue. But, I'm
not to happy with this exposure. Because the comet was so close to the horizon,
and I found out after the fact that one of the light baffles had come undone and
rotated 90*, which obscured much of the detail. I have since reglued it solidly!!
  Also, I was in such a rush, I polar aligned on the wrong star (Pherkad) and could
barely compensate for the movement of the guide star in the 9mm eyepiece.
 Hence the tail is much shorter than other images taken the same time at the
same locale and not hint of M31/32. ARGhhhhhhh....another hard lesson, learned!!

                                                                     April 13, 9:03 MDT
Clouds moving over the Front Range gave only 45 minutes of dark to CCD the comet.
               These exposures are 11 sec. ST-6 w/ 80mm Stellarvue refractor.

             This will be the last shot of Ikeya_Zhang, it's traveling
                away from us and is getting much dimmer every week.

                                                June 1, 2002 1:01am MST
This is a compilation of 14-11 second exposures. Magnitude was about 8.3, located near
the head of Serpens.All the CCD images on this page are the same scale.  I've calculated
that the image is 71.25' wide by 39 ' high.  Some extent of a tail is still visible in this
image and my C-14, though it is quite dim by now. That night was slightly hazy so there
is a more than normal point spread function going on here.                                                                                              tjt   Home