Is MARS Red?

We have all seen the images NASA feeds us, showing the surface of Mars, BUT is it really THAT Red? I say no.
Below is a set of images (~40% reduction) of the same area taken by the Mars Spirit rover of well know fame.
The upper image has has 1 plug-in alteration- a standard Histogram-Equalize, faded to 50% used to balance colors,
no other filters or adjustments were made. After the histogram was used, details in the sky are visible- red dust over
the Columbia Hills in the background. The detail of the 'foothills' are more evident. The 'desert patina' & striations
on the rocks in the foreground are much more obvious. The chance that EVERY rock & boulder is red or blue,
only is stretching logic, to beyond belief.          Right Mouse Click, 'View Image' to expand to full-size.

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