Medicine Wheel in Northern Wyoming

 Dad & I went there in the summer of '99, from the east side, up the Red Grade. That way you can drive across the top of the
Big Horns and enjoy all the scenery for 60 miles. Stop at Burgess Junction (37 miles from the bottom of the Red Grade)
for food, gas and drink. Great Trip!  As you motor west you will see a Radome (57 miles to here), this is used for jets from
San Fran. to Chicago.  Leave it alone...ha...ha.  Behind it is the Medicine Wheel.

                     On the way up, on the Red Grade, this view is on the east side.

Go in the spring, the flowers are beautiful!   At the top of the Red grade looking east, towards Story.
You might see a car drive by, but I doubt it unless you stay for quite a while.

Almost to the Medicine Wheel, this is the view of the area to the north. The Wheel is about 3 miles on a dirt road.

 As far as a sacred site goes, before it was rediscovered a hundred years ago or so, the native people didn't even know about it,
nor do they know which tribe built this carin.  The site speaks for itself, there is no incentive needed for speaking in hushed tones
around here. It's a awe inspring & wondrous view. Visionquests?, but people do pray here!  Though I wonder how the builders of
the site would have felt about the 10,000 little rags tied on an 8' chain link fence, that surrounds the wheel.  Personally, I hated it!!
There is a ranger post near the Wheel. Look up Dr. Eddy's work on this site. There is a Google Earth placemark for this site.

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