Meteorites in the United States and Local to Co_Wyo_Nebraska Area

   There is a world-wide meteorite .kmz layer, this 'thread' has a multitude of posts, concerning meteorites
and this list, the last one posted was 02/17/08 04:56 PM.  for Google Earth that includes meteorite finds,
literally thousands of them.  If you sign up with Google Earth Community, you get a better looking page.
So when you load it up to view, expect some lag unless you have a very quick computer with more than
2 GiG of RAM. These images are screengrabs using that .KMZ. 'Eaton' (Pseudometeorite), Colorado, USA
Coordinates: 40° 31' N / 104° 41' W, Fall Date: May 10, 1931.  The top image is of the US and the other local
(Denver center and about 200 miles out.

Another way to find meteorites is to look on the top of thousand year old ice fields, that's what they do in
Antarctica.  And if that is unavailable to you try 'playas' dried lake beds or sand dunes, they contrast nicely
with black meteorites.

                                                                                                                             The green dots are meteorite locations


                                                                         The Dark Blue dots are meteorite locations centered on Denver about 300 miles out or so

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