Puerto Villarta,Mexico

  A beautiful cosmopolatian city, friendly peole, good food, GREAT shrimp, one of the best chesse burgers I've ever had at
a downtown Chicago-like bar. If you're from the states and you stay here, slow down about three paces and you'll enjoy things
a lot more.  And remember siesta is serious here!  Change your money every day, the rates were really flucuiating when we
were there. Take day trips, some really good ones and try the Garden of Paradise tour. Ends up at the site, where they filmed
Predator. Complete with blown-up Huey helicopter and a small zoo, had a African Lion there.

                      A beatiful bronze on the S. Harbour of Puerto Villarta                              A morning shot of Puerto Villarta looking north while climbing a hill on the Garden of Paradise
                                                                                                                                       tour Dad & I took.  If you look close, you can just make out the cruise ships in the harbour.

                          At sunset, the shrimpers made for the southeast and caught the best shrimp in Mexico.

           Our hotel view, Costa de Oro                              Another day trip, south of Maz., a banana plantation and this is their beach (looking North)

Back from our fishing trip.  Had something on the line, but after it rolled out 200 yards                           You think Coors is a light beer?
of line and I stopped the real it broke a 2 1/2 inch stainless steel hook!!  Shark???                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           HOME 010/15/10