Atomic Explosion Destroys Sugar Factory
Mitchell, Nebraska

In reality, the December cold produced this temperature inversion about 400 foot above the ground. The steam, rising some 1000'
above ground level is a combination of the heat put off by both the sugar beet pile stacked nearby and the factory itself. The smoke
stack (taller than the white bins) to the left of the factory, is obscured by the steam.  See the mosaic below for placement, where the
view is reversed.

Farmers west of Mitchell discussing planting techniques. The sugar factory used to be Mitchell's main industry, until NAFDA removed tariffs
on imported sugar.  The town's water tower is just to the right of the Highway 26.

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Mitchell Nebr. in a dust storm  Summer of 2000 came in about 35 mph and left in less than 15 minutes.

Editted May 21, 2013   Created  Dec. 30, 2006