Everything You Wanted to Know about Our MOON
(Well, not EVERYTHING)
lunar phases

                                                           Here are several of my favorite images of the Crescent Moon.

                                   Taken from Pawnee Praire Grasslands April 13, 2002, this is a 30hr 40 min old crescent.          (USE View Image)

From Rich Lobert:   There is a nice freeware program called Moon Calculator
that runs in DOS (which you still do with Win98).

Plethera of useful Moon infomation.

The NAVY compiles info about the Moon also,

The Islamic use the Moon to determine the beginning of a month and have some
very interesting software to ascertain the best place in the world to see that
particular Moon.

Nice little page shows the phase of the moon today, then you can choose 1990-2010.

                  Crescent from the Leonid Meteor Storm 2001 weekend  Nov.17
          You're looking at the Rocky Mountain Front Range in Northern Colorado.  I'm Pretty Proud of this shot

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