Starmon's Music
And in the spirit of the Season - Star Of Bethlehem Angels & Airwaves  form the I-Empire Album     12/09/10                   Star Of Bethlehem  3 Meg.

Don't we all miss The Space Race a bit and what they meant to the Imagination & hope to U.S. and the World                 Billy Bragg & Wilco6 Meg.

Great movie, way before it's time, This is where Maj. Kong rides the bomb down to the Russian missile site:     (Vid.)       Dr. StrangeLove 46 Meg.

Full Album of the Great one Nat King Cole,  I cleaned this up with Audacity, the best I could.                                             Nat "King" Cole     21 Meg.

One of my favorite groups, smooth and heady, helps me concentrate:                                     (Thanks Robert)                  Steely Dan - Aja     35 Meg.

Full Album of the Great Louie "Satchmo" Armstrong, an old one . I cleaned this up with Audacity, the best I could.           Louie Armstrong     47 Meg.

If you are into a quiet time on the seas listening to Humpback Whales (1991) talk to each other, check this out.                Humpback Whales   42 Meg.

Stars I really miss:


Other Favorite Artists:

                And let's get some Cowbell going here.  

                                              .      09/16/11....more later.  TomT