Omega Centauri from Northeast Colorado

    This is the first of four images taken from 1:32:04am-1:43:37am.

This image, is a stack of 2-22 second images.
Taken with a ST-6 through a 80mm Stellarvue refractor.
I thought this was the lowest altitude O.C. had been imaged, but.........

Here are some ST-6/C-14 image of the Omega Centauri Globular Cluster taken from the
Pawnee Prairie Grasslands Cactus Flats Star party site .
Latitude 40* 39' 15" N  by Longitude  104* 26' 52" W  (Baker Draw Quad) and an elevation
of  5039 ft. Almost the lowest imaging of the globular cluster ever taken.

According to TheSKY4, the parameters of Omega Centauri on 03/10/02 at the the time
these expsoures were taken were:

Magnitude: 3.7
RA:13h 26m 56.1s  Dec:-47d 29' 33"
Azm:173d 06' 34" Alt:+01* 21' 37" !!!
Rise: 00:40  Transit: 02:13  Set: 03:46    (Should have waited 41 mins)
RA:13h 26m 48.0s  Dec:-47d 29' 00"  Epoch 2000
Size (mins) 36.3
(Well, that didn't take long)    From LeRoy Gautney:  03/18/02
"Go North young man!  I'm wondering if you could do better than this guy did?
It would only take 1 degree, 55 minutes, 45 seconds of latitude to edge his record farthest north latitude (as far
as anybody knows) of imaging Omega Centauri."

                                                 Here's what the Hubble Space Telescope Resolved.from space.

But in my defense, my picture does not use the happenstance of refraction and the cluster can readily be seen in my shot,
it is VERY hard to see the cluster in Ralphs' shot.  Though I do appalude Ralph's efforts in obtaining an image of O.C.
so far north I guess I'm going to have to try this shot from Douglas Wyoming!!
                                                                      The above four exposures of O.C.G.C. are from- 17sec to 55 sec.    

           Even got a jet trail leavin' DIA.

                                      A 3-D plot of the above left image

The plot at the top right is from the X-axis.  The plot at the bottom right is the Y-plot using IRIS software.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     tjt  10/15/10