Double Cluster in Perseus, HII Nebulae & Open Clusters in Cassiopeia
From Keota, Colorado Nov. 2010 (film)
                                                               Twenty minute guided, Pentax MX, 400 Kodak Gold                                                                TheSKY sceengrab of same area
Temp.  36*F
Wind 0-3 mph
Humidity- Very low
Transparency- 7.5/10
Seeing - 6.5/10
Camera - Pentax MX SLR
Film - Kodak Gold ASA 400
Exposure time - 20 minutes
Platform - C-14, Losmandy CG-11Tracking & Hand Guided

 The November 5-6, 2010 star party at Keota was well attended.  Friday night was evidently the best night and plenty Dark Sky Marines enjoyed the heavens. Some of the attendees were -
Commander Gary G. after he finished chopping cactus.  Robert G  and Bob
                                                                                                                                                         from LasVagas, stopped by on his way to a hunting trip up in Wyoming.

Also David D. with his 4" Unitron. (Randy C. was there in Oct.) Dave and Jim.

Later our trusty Astro. Leauge coordinator, got there and did some digital imaging....
Vern setup shop.   Bill P. stopped hadn't seen him for a while,  and said 'hi' to  me.

A grandfather, father, and his two kids stopped by wanting to learn some more astronomy.  And then some unknown driver pulled into our field with his truck lights on high,
ruining our night vision, moved up a ways and ruined some other folks night vision and drove off, no one knew who he was. I hate when that happens! But otherwise it was
a fine clear dark night, except for a 25* area in the Greeley/Denver/Longmont azimuth.  It was a lIttle hazy there, but not much of a problem overhead until much later in the
Sunset at Keota from October 2010.
A nice Crescent Moon above 'The Rocky Mountains' are visible in the background, from south of Denver to about Loveland on the right.         Photo Home___TjT  Dec.06, 2010
You can see the 'brown cloud above and east of where Denver would be.