Puerto Rico Solar Eclipse 1997

In order to see the eclipse, visit Arecibo, and tour the island of Puerto Rico,
my father & I opted to view the eclipse from the SE corner of the Island.

  We started out in San Juan, a beautiful modern metropolitan city, from there we drove to Playa
Puerto Maunabo, on the coast just south of Yabucoa and saw the event at 93% total.

   This was a kind of a convoluted method of taking an eclipse image, but, it went like this. I used
a #7 green welders' filter in front of a Kodak 1A 35 mm hand held camera at about 1/100th of a
second.  I quess the cresent shaped  image is a 1st surface refraction of the eclipse, while the
dimmer round image is a 2nd surface refraction of the main overexposed solar image.
(If my thinking is off on this please let me know.)

After the event we ate at a resturant with this as it's backyard.  Then we motored to Bandos
De Coamo, a beautiful litte inn hidden away in the PR jungle near Ponce. A great place
to stay, even found a fast food place that sold, cheap Lobster sandwichs, excellent faire!!

  Viewing the new Gregorian tertiary reflector, is a Japanese tour group.                                   Here's an aerial View
   The movie CONTACT had been there a year before.
     The next day we motored towards Aericbo, through Ponce, BRING A GOOD MAP!
The natives were friendly and after a few false leads, one couple LED us to the proper
road and we were off through the most winding narrow paved road I've ever been on.
So narrow, that if a semi was coming the other way you would have to wait to let it make
the switchback curve before proceeding on. Well we made it to the home of  SETI 's
telescope (among other less significant projects) that afternoon .
                                                                                                                                                                     11/27/2K4   tjt