2001 Q4/Beehive(M44) Transit May 15, 2004
  A good night for viewing, Only a couple folks out, no one thought the night would be worth viewing...Wrong!
It took a while but after it cleared up the night sky looked like it had been scrubbed.

9:40pm    Clouds dissipating , took several Venus Crescent shots- boiling beautiful sight though.
04/05 05/15/04
        Still working on my exposure times with planets.

This  6 minute exposure, 9:58 - 10:04pm MDT was taken from Cactus Flats North.
9:58 - 10:05pm  Q4/Beehive, shot windy- short exposure, with 200mm.

                             North is from comet to 32v2.       Screen grab of the area from TheSKY.

10:19 - 10:36  Q4 at 100mm, clouds came in immediately thereafter.  Bill T. & I talked for an hour, until started
to rain.  Bill took off after helping to cover the C-14. Made some coffee & waited a couple hours until sky cleared.
2:37 - 3:30am  May 16, 2004  Viewed Comet Bradfield through Stellarvue 80mm. Got Good Track!  Mag. ~9.2
with 30' tail, coma diffuse 4/10, tail-fanned ! 7' at end. (Out of focus method to estimate) Tried unsuccessfully for
Tabor T-3 near N472, twilight starts.
Image of Q4 coma

 Shot Crescent Moon 2 w/ Stellarvue- 2 sec exposure.  3 images taken through C-14 for mosaic. 1 sec. each
Very dewy had to dry scope every 15 mins. @ end of session.  Excellent Night!

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