My Current Star Party Setup

Here are some of pictures of the sky from past star parties.

The ole' stanby-by:  C-14 and my trusty dusty 1992 Ford Van, this shot is out at Cactus Flats, under the light of a Full Fall Moon.

I've been using this rig since June 1999.

Here is a new addition to my equipment list. 20x90mm binoculars and a home built Parallelogram Tripod. Link goes to construction page.

                      I got a lot of helping building this contraption, go read the construction page.
                      But it works fine, with a little bit of udgrading to do.

This page:   My current star party set-up - This is the equipment, I use to view
the stars when I can get out into the DARK!                                                   TjT  10/15/10