Soapstone Star Party Images from July 22, 2011

                                                                               Created:July 25, 2011                                                                                   (best viewed at 1680x1050)

Not the sharpest, taken with a G.E. X-5 14 meg bridge digital, 30 seconds on static tripod.  Cassiopeia with light pollution on clouds over Cheyenne, Wyoming.

This is the same view at the upper parking lot, with the Mummy Range, Long's Peak and points south.


  These are not public star parties right now and only open to members of local astornomical societies in the area, upon contacting the Vice President
of the Northern Colorado Astornomical Society. This is a Historic & Wildlife sensitive area, so if you do attend a star poarty, please stay to the roads as
much as possible. And when the temperaturre gets warm (~May) out come the Rattlesnakes, so give them LOTS of leeway.

Soapstone Location:

 On Google Earth:

Here are the:   Proposed Star party dates:    They are all on Friday with Saturday as a make-up night

May  2011 Fri. 27,  Sat .28 -   SS1_1 - Failed...clouds  & rain

June 2011 Fri. 24,  Sat. 25 - SS1_2 - Nice night three attended - got a couple of nice astro-photos.

July  2011 Fri.  22,  Sat. 23 - SS1_3 - Setup at top turnaround, one attended, fairly clear, X5 photos

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