Binocular Parallelogram Tripod

  Below is a tripod I'm assembling, to support a pair of 20x90mm Oberwerk binoculars, with the help of a few friends,  Lee Younglood, Nate Perkins
and John Hartman.  Thank you for your expertise fellows and the use of your shops. These images are intended to be 3D sets.  If you set back about 3'
and focus on the right image, cross your eyes a little, then reduce the distance to the images, they two should converge into one 3D image.
                                                                                                            Tripod Finished 4/18/2K9
                                                                    This tripod will .

  Here are most of the parts for the tripod itself, except the counterblance group.  On the left are three oak legs ripped down the middle, the brace with three
stabilinzer arms is to the right, below is the collar that holds the brace in place,  top platform & centerpipe, rotator cylinder are to the right, the legs are
screwed to the 7" thick circle with the three tabs. The adjustable mount to which the binoculars will attach .  And of course the aluminum tubing that will
make up the arms of the parallelogram itself. I have changed my mind about using two 45 rpm records to provide smooth rotating surface, the surfaces
of the discs are very smooth and hard and with a little paraffin, should provide low friction surfaces for easy rotating.

As of April 07, 2009, this is as far as I've got. now I can work on the top part that carry, aims and translates the bincoulars, the arms will be
constructed of 1" square aluminum tubing, the counterweight will be a 7.5 weightlifting weight.

On the cosmetic side of this construction, all edges and surfaces were sanded smooth to the touch (no splinters here) and old varnish removed.
The final exterior will be a light walnut color, think I'll keep the arms their metal color.

Getting Closer:       (April 12, 2009)  Happy Easter all

                                                                                                                        ^                                                                                                                                                             ^
3D View: This is the 'squareing' jig.  Dreamt up to make sure that the pivotblock and the parallelogram arms are square to each other. They may not be exact, but pretty darn close.  The 1" aluminum tubing is level & evenly spaced.  It should be possible to make out the centered bubble in the middle of the level.  The T-square made sure that the pivot block was perpendicular to the arms. And I measured the angle of the  pivot block itself, to make sure it was exactly square (90*).
Completion So Far:  April 11, 2009

                           3D View:  The arms are designed so the length and angle will allow views at a height as low as 40".

                                                                                Finish Tripod in Action at RAC

 This was the setup the night of the Venus Occulation at RAC, the tripod proved very helpful in determining exactly when Venus emerged from behind
the moon.  I took three rools of film, haven't seen them as of this writing, but pretty sure they will come out (hope, hope). Things were a little cloudy
that session but, the clouds cleared away at the right times, Venus 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  contact.  Didn't pick up the 4th but just after got a couple more, before
calling it a  morning.  They turned out fair, clouds were a real problem, but can see Venus getting closer to the Moon.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Morning of April 22, 2009

       Still have to:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     April 23, 2009

Final configuration and a better view. These images are of a higher resolution than they look.

   The counterbalence group are shown here.  I found a length of square aluminum stock that fit perfectly into the 1" Aluminum tubing.  I drilled several
1/4" holes in the far end for adjustablity for the counterweight itself. Then drilled one hole in the the end that fitted into the tubing and one in the tubing
itself, so I could connect them securely!
   Think cosmicTom T  Oct. 15, 2009
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